Warranty – Returns

Operating procedure mandatory to respect and follow to make a return.

  1. In the event of an alleged lack of conformity of the Products purchased with respect to the description published on the Site and in the event of a defective Product, the Customer must immediately send an e-mail to with a detailed and understandable description of the alleged defect accompanied by photographs that crystallize the defect itself together with product purchase tax document , to the ownership certificate and guarantee that the customer must request on the website at the time of the purchase of one of our products and to ordinary maintenance reports carried out according to the formats and requirements in the product use and maintenance manual. The lack of one of the elements will not make it possible to take charge of the practice that will actually be denied.
  2. Your e-mail will be checked within 5 (FIVE) working days . You will be given a reply in writing and, if this is the case, the company will invite you to deliver the allegedly defective product to you to carry out further investigations.
  3. Within the term of 7 (SEVEN) working days from receipt of the goods, the Company will send you via e-mail your comments regarding the Customer’s findings; if the non-conformity or defectiveness of the Product in question is confirmed, the Customer will have the right exclusively to repair the goods (if repairable) or to replace the goods. Communication from the Company will follow with the indication of the intervention method. In any case, repair, replacement or reimbursement is excluded if it is found that the Product has been tampered with or modified by the Customer or anyone else. The product recognized as faulty will be repaired or replaced by the Company free of charge, excluding the costs of shipping, handling, assembly and disassembly and spare parts that are not covered by the warranty and remain the responsibility of the customer . The guarantee is offered only to the original purchaser of the product and cannot be extended to third parties. To this end, the buyer must have registered the product on the site in the certificate of ownership and guarantee section when purchasing the product. Repair / replacement times will be communicated via e-mail to the customer and will depend on both the Company and the suppliers of the Company whose parts and components have been purchased and mounted on the products.