About us

Since 1960, LOSA is an historical quality trademark regarding the design and manufacture of frames for racing bikes.

New technologies, new materials of construction of the frames, the new super aerodynamic design have led us to a strategic evolution of the company policy once the conception, design and development of frames for racing bikes with very sleek and aerodynamic design for the lovers of style and performance.

The characteristics of the history of our logo are evident in the details of the frame design, aerodynamics in all models, elegant and stylish geometry and liveries.

LOSA brand continues its tradition based on innovation and above all the quality and assistance before and after sale.

Our products, in fact, have very high quality standards that allow us to extend the warranty beyond the terms provided by law.

The customer who buys a LOSA has a very efficient customer care very closed to his needs.

Chief Executive Officer
Massimiliano LOSA

Reduce the cost by purchasing top-of-the-range products directly from the manufacturer

We deliver frames and bicycles throughout Italy, to individuals and resellers

Possibility of custom installment payments, both for new products and guaranteed used products