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Athlete information
Affiliation: FCI
Italian champion cat M3 M4/’14/’18/’19
Ligurian regional champion cat M3/’15/’16/’18/’19
Italian Cup’18
Italian urban cup’19

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The King of Bikers from Chiavari

Alex Gennesi has been working with Losa for four years; he joined the family following an injury that forced him into the pits three years ago.
In the last year, as he himself tells us, he has won everything possible to win: from the Italian Master Championship to the Italian Cup , to which are added the triumphs in the most important circuits including Superenduro , Four Enduro , as well as a third place overall in the Italian E-Bike championship .
In the season that is about to start, he will participate in the E-Bike world championship .



Place and date of birth: Chiavari, 05/09/72
Graduated off-road and amateur cycle MTB instructor recognized at national level (CONI-LIBERTAS).

Alessandro Gennesi is the founder of Freeridetigullio ASD founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing young people closer to enduro mountain biking and where he holds the position of team coach and manager of the MTB school and summer camps in Chiavari.
Currently Italian Enduro Champion in the M3 / M4 category with the aim of providing the skills and technical skills together with competitive sports experiences for the training of young athletes. From 2015 to today I have collaborated with the schools of the Municipality of Chiavari through the project: “The Mountain Bike goes to school” involving children also in the summer camps. Athlete and charismatic man, professionally motivated in achieving competitive goals and in the development of projects to promote sport and MTB.

His competitive history was born at the age of 7 with the first athletics competitions with excellent results until the age of 17. Due to a serious injury he had to abandon the dream of the Olympics to switch to 2 wheels (trial bikes) by participating in all national and international races for a decade, winning several races and podiums with regional titles. He then moved on to two-wheeled enduro motorcycles where the greatest gratifications arrived by participating in world races, obtaining podiums and unexpected results as a member of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, and then arriving on the bike in 2013 obtaining these results:

• Italian champion of enduro MTB category M3 / M4 in 2014
• M3 / M4 category MTB enduro regional champion in 2014
• Superenduro champion of category M3 / M4 in 2014
• Superenduro team victory with the Bike o’clock team in 2014
• Regional champion of enduro MTB of category M3 / M4 in 2015
• M3 / M4 category MTB enduro regional champion in 2016
• Enduro Winter Trophy champion cat. M3 / M4 in 2016/2017
• Italian MTB Enduro Championship 2nd place in cat. M3 / M4 2017
• EEM2 category e-Enduro champion and 4th overall 2017
• Regional champion of the e-Bike category in 2017 in Santa Margherita Ligure
• In 2017 also the satisfaction of participating in the TV program La Sfida on Bike Channel SKY channel 214, winning as best climber and 3rd as a team
• Enduro Winter Trophy champion cat. M3 / M4 in 2017/2018
• Italian enduro MTB champion cat. M3 / M4 in 2018
• Superenduro champion of category M3 / M4 in 2018
• Champion of the Italian cup enduro MTB cat. M3 / M4 in 2018
• Champion 4Enduro cat. M3 / M4 in 2018
• Ranked 3rd overall in the e-Enduro championship in 2018
• Team victory of the e-Enduro championship in 2018
• Ranked 10th overall over 40 at the Enduro World Series in La Thuile in 2018
• Won Italian enduro MTB champion 2019 cat. M3 / M4
• champion of the Italian Urban Dh amateurs cup
• Won Italian Enduro MTB Championship 2020 cat. M3 / M4.
• ranked 7th overall Italian championship xc 2020
• ranked 24th overall Italian Marathon 2020 championship
• won duathlon sprint in Piacenza in M2 category
• ranked 24th overall M2 Aronamen triathlon
• FIDAL personnel 10 km 39:12
• classified 7th overall Trail Andarsen 22km Sestri levante

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